Youth Guidance Mentors

One Mentoring Relationship at a Time

The centerpiece of our effort is the mentoring relationship between adult and child.
We deeply believe – and experience has shown us – that this relationship is the single biggest catalyst in changing the course of a child’s life. It is the goal and result of all of the programs, camps, events, after-school projects and other opportunities we provide to these underprivileged children.
And once the mentoring relationship is in place, it permanently changes lives!
The Youth Guidance programs are all designed to bring children and adults into each others’ lives and to ignite a relationship that matures into a bond founded in friendship, exchange, trust and reliance.
For more information about our Mentoring Program, please call Jenna Thompson at 772-492-3933.

Becoming a Youth Guidance Mentor

Mentoring Success
Pam came to Youth Guidance after seeing a call for volunteers. She joined us every Monday evening for an 8 week semester as a group mentor. During those Monday evenings, Pam laughed with her group of children as they attempted to build an Eiffel tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows, danced with the kids across the floor like no one was looking and sat down to a mouth-watering healthy meal prepared by the kids.
As Pam continued to volunteer with us, a friendship naturally evolved between herself and one of her group members, Alfonso. Before Alfonso joined the Mentoring Academy at Youth Guidance, he had been struggling to make friends and wasn’t involved in any community activities. Once he joined the Mentoring Academy, Alfonso enjoyed attending the every Monday evening and looked forward to Pam’s caring and supportive guidance.
After completing an 8 week semester as a volunteer, Pam decided to form a one-to-one mentoring relationship with Alfonso. Pam and Alfonso’s mentoring relationship has flourished. Pam and Alfonso even give back to the Mentoring Academy by preparing a delicious meal each semester. Alfonso is able to use the cooking skills he learned through the Youth Guidance and with Pam’s support has learned the value and enjoyment of providing a service to others.
Please Join Us as a Group Mentor
You can become a group mentor for just a 8 week (semester) commitment! Join our Mentoring Academy and make a tremendous difference in a child’s life.
For more information on becoming a Group Mentor,  please click here.


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