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International Leadership Immersion Program

Hi, My name is Aurora and I am a Senior in High School. I will be attending Seton Hall University in the fall and will be majoring in Biology. This sumer I hope to attend a volunteer program in Costa Rica. This program is through GLA and it centers around reforrestation and includes the opportunity to work with a biologist who studies the rainforrest community there. It is an exicting opportunity and I anticipate seeing the complex rainforrest communties and the exotic animals and plants commonly found there. 
I would appreciate any contributions, you can donate to my trip at the link below
Mayenga Francillon
Senior in Vero Beach high school 
I would like a big trip experience by volunteering in Costa Rica: Empowering Rainforest Communities.
It is exciting to volunteer in a different country and rural community.
I look forward to teaching and helping local children with their school projects.
Volunteering in Costa Rica will give me a head start with my future in business, learning about a new culture, and experiencing leadership adventures.
I would greatly appreciate a donation of any amount for this life changing experience. Help me to help others. 

Pathfinders flying with RJ MacMillan!

A huge thank you to RJ MacMillan for an amazing flying experience over Vero Beach!
Thank you also to Sydney MacMillan for being a group mentor for the Pathfinder's group and sending some great photos!

Rotary Club Fishing Trip

Vero Beach Rotary Club- Sunrise Fishing Trip

Thank you so much for such a fabulous Fishing experience for our Youth Guidance Kids!
Fun was had by all and many fish were caught!



SOLD OUT!!!!Tropical Night Luau 2017

Tropical Night Luau 2017

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